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The little Things Really Do Matter

by / Tuesday, 29 November 2011 / Published in Daily Life

I love Snickers bars! So rich and chocolatey and with  caramel and nouget and peanuts. Just delicious. Well, here they cost about $1.30 each. An Ecuadorian chocolate bar costs 35 cents ( but they do NOT taste like a SNICKERS). Obviously, though, we don’t buy Snickers here. We spend our money wisely, and a $1.30 Snickers is not too wise:-).

Saturday at our Talin church, we talked with Patricio and Gloria after service. We know Patricio’s dad has been sick and he’s been travelling by bus every week to go see him. Because of that he has little opportunity to work, only being at home 2 days a week or so, and with what little money he does have, he and his sister are paying their dad’s doctor bills. So his children have been without food in the house. Now, Patricio is a very hard worker and follows the Word of God to take care of his family. So for him to confess to us that his children were hungry and accept our help was quite humbling. So we came back to Puyo that night and went straight to the grocery store to buy this family some food!

We ‘racked’ up for them, getting all kinds of foods; rice, noodles, oil, sugar, butter, beans, popcorn, soups, and also toilet paper, soap, toothpaste. Lots of good things for them. As we were paying for the groceries, the owners wife said ‘hello’ ( they’re very nice people) and we conversed with her about our work here and about their new baby that’s due any day. We paid for the groceries and as we were about to leave, she comes over and gives us a small gift. She says it’s for being such good clients. We thank her and go out to the truck with all of our purchases. As we get in, we take a look at the gift she has given us and with great joy, I exclaim in a loud voice to Charles, “It’s a SNICKERS bar!!!!” And then Charles and I start thanking Jesus that the small things do matter to Him. The fact that we like Snickers bars is important to Him and as we were buying for someone else that night, to bless them, Jesus wanted to bless us, too, so He used that store owner to give us a wonderful blessing. I’m sure she has no idea how much that Snickers meant to us. But Jesus knows! You see, the little things really do matter to Him!!!!!