Susan Templet
Founder/President/Lead Missionary

Susan received the call to missions at the young age of 18. Then, after more than 20 years of ministering in music with her family all across the USA, God decided it was time for her to move to Ecuador to begin a different kind of ministry. One that would be a little more "hands on" and that would require as much physical strength as it would spiritual.

Susan has now lived in this small country for nearly 12 years. She has dedicated her life to reaching lost souls at any cost. From riding hours in a dugout canoe down rivers with anaconda and piranha, to walking miles through the treacherous Amazon jungle avoiding venomous frogs and tarantulas, doing whatever it takes to reach one lost soul.

In her time here she has founded four churches, three of which are in rural communities an hour from town, and one, which stands as the mother church, is located in the city of Puyo. 

With shamanism, witchcraft and idol worship being common in the Amazon region, Susan's burden for the Ecuadorian people only grows stronger as the years go by knowing that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is near.

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Charles Templet

Charles, younger brother of Susan, was a part of The Templet Family music ministry for more than 20 years as drummer, singer and sound engineer. With this ministry experience, and God tugging at his heart, Charles left behind family and friends to fulfill the call of God and assist Susan on the mission field.

He brought with him technical knowledge that has greatly increased the reach of Ecuador Missions, Inc., such as photography, videography, web design, computer repair, electronic payment processing, graphic design and marketing.

Over the years on the field, Charles has gained experience and calling in preaching and teaching the Word of God. He now shares the burden of preaching and teaching in each of the four churches Susan and he have founded and is currently studying for a degree in Biblical Theology.

Charles met his wife Jenny on the mission field. She began to assist at one of their churches and was soon filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Jenny serves in the mother church as Youth Leader, part of the worship team and can often be found teaching the children. Jenny is without a doubt a great help to Charles and the ministry.

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