Filling Hungry Souls With The Power Of The Holy Ghost!

Jesus knows his Name

I don’t know his name, but Jesus does. I saw him working at the bus station recently. He was climbing up into each bus on the terminal lot, in an attempt to sell tiny boxes of mints to the passengers. I watched him as he struggled and sometimes nearly fell, getting into bus after bus,
This is a short video from our trip to the jungle community of Llanchama.

Jesus loves Elisa!

When she was 14 years old, an older man ‘wanted’ Elisa, to take her as his spouse (although not legally marry her). So, he made a deal with her family. He would trade them a few cows for their daughter, Elisa. So, they obligated her to go with him.  (Practices like this are very common

U.S. Tour 2016

    I will be ministering in the U.S. in April for a few short weeks and would love to worship the Lord with you! Mark you calendars and make plans to come join me in service somewhere! I’m so thankful for all the great churches that are hosting me this trip. It will be