Adventures and Encounters

“Never pity missionaries; envy them. They are where the real action is
– where life and death, sin and grace, Heaven and Hell converge.” – Robert C. Shannon

I Choose To Be A Christian – Video

The Templet Family & Ecuador Missions in Alabama singing ‘I Choose To Be A Christian’!

HeadHunters in Yantana!

I’m sure many have heard of headhunters in the Amazon Rainforest. Headhunting is where the Indians cut off the heads of people and then shrink them to preserve them. The Shuar Indians here in Ecuador are known for this. Many years ago, it was very common, and the shrunken heads were mostly kept as trophies,
A short video of the last service in Talin with our visitors from Christ Apostolic Church Int.

I love being a Missionary

It’s not just the hugs the children give me daily. It’s not the gifts of bananas or live chickens or lemons the people give us. It’s not just the smiles we see on their faces. It’s not just their friendly ways or helpful manner. It’s not just the kind words the people speak to us,

Beulah Land – Video

This is an older video from 2010 of The Templet Family/Ecuador Missions singing in Alabama.

We have Visitors!

We are so excited to have visitors here in the Amazon with us! Pastor Barnes and Bro. Dillan of Christ Apostolic Church in Portland, TN are already a week into their 2 week visit. (CAC is one of our supporting churches.) We have been so blessed to have them here. They have done anything and

I will SHINE

There is no greater feeling than to be missed by someone. I went up town today to do some shopping, and there were several people, all along my way, who were just randomly asking me, “Where have you been?” or saying, “We haven’t seen you in a while”, things like that. Some of these people,

Back in Ecuador!!!!

We had an amazing time in the Philippines, China, and in the U.S., as the Lord touched so many souls and moved powerfully in our services. Preaching the gospel of Jesus to the world is my passion! I will do it for the glory of the Lord for as long as I have breath in

Travelling for Jesus!

Today we are packing, preparing to go to the U.S. for 2 months to minister and share the great testimonies of all the Lord is doing in Ecuador. I’m excited! We have tearfully said ‘see you later’ to the beautiful people here that we love, but only for a short time, and they anxiously await

I Have A Bible!

Last night at Puyo church, I was so happy to give to Jeremias a gift that we had bought for him, a Bible. (We give away so many Bibles on a regular basis, but his response was so beautiful!) Jeremias is 20 years old and this is the first Bible he has ever owned! He

Seeing Angels

The other day at Puyupungo church, during the service while everyone was worshiping and praying and dancing and enjoying the presence of the Lord, Sisa, too, was crying and worshipping beautifully. I went by to pray for her and she said she felt the presence of the Lord powerfully. A short time after that, Sisa

2014 U.S. Tour

Charles and I will be in the U.S. visiting many churches for the months of April and May.  We are looking forward to a wonderful and blessed trip, sharing the goodness of Jesus!!! Come be in service with us somewhere!!! It’s gonna’ be great! March 31, Monday- Bantayan Island, Philippines, (12 day preaching trip) April

Whatever It Takes

For 2 weeks now, Charles has been sick with pneumonia, so he has been at home in bed, recovering. We have services 6 days a week in our churches, so Jenny and I have gone for 2 weeks now to the churches preaching. I have preached, sang, drove the car to pick up people and

But the labourers are few.

I recently made a visit to Yantana. Went to many homes, inviting people who don’t know the Lord to come to church. As I talked with each of them, I was so overwhelmed by what I was hearing. One had had a dream of the Lord’s return; another knew she needed help in her life
Giving Jesus all the praise!