Adventures and Encounters

“Never pity missionaries; envy them. They are where the real action is
– where life and death, sin and grace, Heaven and Hell converge.” – Robert C. Shannon

U.S. Tour Dates, March-April

I will be ministering in the U.S. in March for one month. These are my dates for that tour. So, mark your calendars and come and be in service with me! We will have a amazing time in the Lord!!   Sunday March 29- Our Father House Church, Mt Juliet, TN 10:30am Sunday March 29-

You fed me when I was Hungry

Feeding the hungry is doing the works of Jesus. (Matthew 25) But, there is so much poverty where we live that we hear the words, “I’m hungry” on a nearly daily basis, from the beautiful children here. Yet, many people feel as if they can’t afford to help, that they can’t give enough to make

Gone, but not Forgotten

Sr. Domingo passed away yesterday.  Now, his family has to handle all the arrangements of a ‘funeral’ and burial, which is quite different than in the U.S. Last night his son called me, saying that the hospital told them if they had a casket, they could take the body home then. So, he was calling

Puyo Church Construction Advances!

The new Puyo church is coming right along! We are so excited for the progress made by the workers. Today a couple of them are laying ceramic tile inside and another working outside leveling the small yard area, that will extend to the security wall, which will be built around the church. They have truly

I had Visitors!!

  I love how the Lord works things out!! Nothing is coincidence with Him!! We had went to the new community Sarentza a few weeks ago, and I have not yet had the chance to go back there to do that hard trek:-) and visit those precious people again! But we bought lots of food

Charles and Jen are going to the U.S.!

Charles and Jen are excited to be making a short trip to the U.S.! They will be leaving on Monday Dec 8 to head to Quito and fly out around midnight that night. It will be Jen’s first time at the airport, first time to fly, first time out of the country, first time to

Community Sarentza


My Hardest Trek Ever!

Yesterday was so beautiful! While Charles stayed behind to take care of things with the new Puyo church construction, Jenny and I went to a new community to bring them the Word of God. It was by far the hardest trek I have ever made here in my almost 9 years in Ecuador!!! We drove

Sr. Domingo and Sra. Laura

This couple has been married for many years (I believe around 40 or so). Sr. Domingo told us recently that when they wed, they had never met! They wed sight unseen. He had come home from the military, and was working, trying to provide for himself. And someone mentioned he needed a wife. So, he

The Rain didn’t stop Them

These past few days it has been literally storming here in the Amazon! Rains have been torrential, causing flash floods. Well, Thursday night was the same, and we have service in Puyo on Thursday nights. Our people either walk (which was not a good option for this particular night) or come by bus to get

Of such is the kingdom of God.

I love teaching little children. Their hearts are so open to hear about the Savior, and they love to sing and clap hands, and say His name, Jesus. They show His love with their smiles and hugs. They are real. I could teach them every day! One little Shuar child in our Yantana church once

U.S. Visitors in the Jungle!

Upon my return back home here to the land of my calling, Ecuador, from the U.S. recently, we were delighted to have visitors from one of our supporting churches, The Way Christian Center, in Hammond, LA here in the jungle with us!! What a blessed time we had with them! Although they were only here
Once again, what a blessed time I had in the U.S. during my stay last month!! I drove many miles in my little SUV :-), ministering in several churches all over, and raising funds for our beautiful Puyo church that we are constructing now. But oh, how the Lord poured out of His spirit in

The Power Of Prayer

We were called a few days ago to go and pray for a 4 month old baby. When we got there, they told us he had pneumonia, had just been in the hospital for about 5 days, and they finally just brought him home. He was nearly lifeless in his young mother’s arms, so we

2014 Fall U.S. Tour Schedule

I will be making a short trip to the U.S. in September and October, ministering in several churches there of the greatness of the Lord and all that He is doing here in Ecuador. I will only be one month in the States, so I would like to invite everyone to come out and be