Adventures and Encounters

“Never pity missionaries; envy them. They are where the real action is
– where life and death, sin and grace, Heaven and Hell converge.” – Robert C. Shannon

Whatever It Takes

For 2 weeks now, Charles has been sick with pneumonia, so he has been at home in bed, recovering. We have services 6 days a week in our churches, so Jenny and I have gone for 2 weeks now to the churches preaching. I have preached, sang, drove the car to pick up people and

But the labourers are few.

I recently made a visit to Yantana. Went to many homes, inviting people who don’t know the Lord to come to church. As I talked with each of them, I was so overwhelmed by what I was hearing. One had had a dream of the Lord’s return; another knew she needed help in her life
Giving Jesus all the praise!

Her Tears spoke louder than any Words could

Yesterday I made visits to the families in Yantana. There are many families in which the children are the only ones who come to church. So I especially went to visit and invite the parents. Raquel’s family was one of those. Her mom was home and I talked to her about Jesus and how wonderful

There is POWER in the name of JESUS!!

I have known this to be true, as long as I have served the Lord. But I also have SEEN this to be true here in Ecuador. One day, a new man visited our church in Talin for the first time. As service was going on, the church really began to pray and worship the
Yemitza helped me work at Puyupungo church a few weeks ago. We planted 75 yucca, planted 40 pineapples, harvested yucca, and even dug a ditch, all with a trowel! Yemitza had the best time that day, laughing and enjoying herself as we worked, but mostly, she LOVED that trowel!!! She called it a ‘tiny shovel’.

My Heart’s Desire

“The longing of my heart is to make known my glorious Redeemer to those who have never heard.” – William Burns That’s all I long for. That’s all I aim to do in this lifetime. That’s all I dream of, all I think of, day in and day out. Tell people about Jesus. Let them

Jesus Was In The House!

Today we had service at Puyupungo church. It is one of our jungle churches, made of wood. Some of the boards in the church are wearing out, and today as I was preaching, really giving it my all, I stepped on a board, and it broke into, so yep, my left leg fell all the

Do YOU love the Lord????

Today, we had to take the bus to Puyupungo church. Work  is being done at our house in the garage area by the owners, so we can’t get out with our car. No problem, we don’t mind the bus at all. But without our car, that means we can’t take people to church.  So, our

I’m Sorry, Martha

*This blog was written by our sister, Ann, who lives in Tennessee, after we told her of Martha, who is a Shuar Indian in our Yantana church.*   Recently at a fellowship meeting I heard a man say that it is not necessary for Christians to tell others about Jesus. He went on to say

Real missionary work is not for wimps!

Yesterday and today we worked very hard at Yantana and Puyupungo churches. My part at both places included: cutting the tall grass on the outside all the way around the fences with a machete; then lugging I don’t know how many gallons of water and chemical on my back fumigating; weed-eating grass; helping Charles cut

Two Spoons

A few weeks ago, Jen and I went to visit a family in the jungle. They anticipated our arrival and prepared a meal for us, watusa (which looks kinda like a big nutria rat) and green plantains, all of it boiled in water, cooked over an open fire. It was so kind! They offered us
Work has begun on the new lot in Puyo, where we will build our Puyo church! This is the only church we do not own. We have rented for nearly 6 years now, and finally were able to purchase a small lot in August. We are sooo excited! Although, we do not have the funds

Children Coloring – Video

Childrens church in Yantana, Ecuador.
Jesus clearly teaches us in His Word to GO into all the world, and preach the Gospel. He did not say, ‘Build a church and WAIT for them to come’. He said, ‘GO’. Get up. Find them. Do something. There are souls lost, dying, without Jesus. Go and reach them. Go tell them Jesus saves,